Friday, November 19, 2021


Sharon, Jack and I finished the week with dinner at Canon. We split a number of quick bites, small plates and a platter, including:
  • SHIGOKU OYSTERS [estate vinegars];
  • OLIVE & ROSEMARY FOCCACIA [arrabbiata dipping oil];
  • CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS [urfa chile sauce, orange, garlic, yogurt];
  • HEIRLOOM BEETS [horseradish, everything spice, apple, celery];
  • TREVISO SALAD [bacon-duck crackling, green goddess, radish, persimmon, seaweed];
  • BRUSSELS SPROUTS [roasted pear, sesame, sage, granola];
  • SWEET POTATOES BRAVAS [lemon aioli, paprika, garlic, fried egg];
  • NEW YORK STRIP [blue cheese, honey mustard, summer squash], and;
  • CARROT CAKE [poached quince, cream cheese frosting, gingersnap tuile].
While we have gotten curbside a number of times in the last twenty months, I think that this is the first time that we have eaten in the restaurant since August 2019.

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