Friday, January 21, 2022

2022 Lihue - Day #1

As part of Sharon's retirement and milestone birthday, we started planning a trip to Kauai last summer. We invited Holly and Van to join us. Additionally, it turns out the Gainsleys are in Kauai at the same time and our VRBO is very near their timeshare.

Sharon and I caught a 7:25 am Hawaiian flight from Sacramento to Honolulu. Sharon made a last minute decision to upgrade to first class. The plane was an Airbus 330 and the first class section was fanastic. There was more room than I have ever experienced in first class.

With a two hours layover in Honolulu, we caught a 1:00 pm flight to Kauai. We almost left Sharon's carryon behind... We were on the ground about 1:45 pm. Exiting the baggage claim, Holly and Van were waiting for us.

I caught the shuttle to Hertz and picked a rental car. With all of the luggage and golf clubs, it took two trips to get everyone to the VRBO.

The VRBO is very nice. Often a rental doesn't do justice to the pictures, this one might actually be nicer than the photos.

Holly and Van made a run to Costco for supplies. After they got back, the Gainsleys wandered down from their time share.

The six of us finished the night with a very late dinner at Dukes. I had the SAUT√ČED MAC NUT & HERB CRUSTED FRESH FISH [Mahi-Mahi}.

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