Saturday, January 29, 2022

2022 Lihue - Day #9

Up early, Sharon and I finished packing and loaded the car. We had a quick breakfast and cleaned out the condo.

Heading to the airport, I dropped Sharon at the curb with the luggage. Dropping the Hertz rental car, I walked back to the terminal.

We were scheduled to take a 10:35 am Hawaiian Air flight to Honolulu. Our plane didn't show up until just about the time we were suppose to depart. We ended up leaving about 11:10 am.

Walking off the flight in Honolulu, we grabbed some food and went through the agricultural inspection again. Just as we walked up to the gate, they called our boarding group.

We had seats 17C and 17D in economy plus on a Hawaiian Air Airbus 330. We were in the middle section of a 2-4-2 configuration. The seat next to Sharon was empty. Scheduled to depart at 12:55 pm, the flight pulled away from the gate about 1:00 pm.

Sharon spent the flight watching a couple of episodes of Little Fires Everywhere, while I read my book [Station Eleven] and listened to a Bill Simmons podcast. The five hour flight went quickly.

We were on the ground just after 8:00 pm. It took almost an hour to get all of our luggage. The golf clubs came off last on the oversize luggage belt.

Jack picked us up at the curb. We were home about 9:30 pm.

It was a great celebration of Sharon's birthday and her retirement!

One footnote. I don't have the best body image, i.e. how I think and feel about myself physically, and how I believe others see me. I have a mental picture of myself as a fat kid. Hanging out at the pool at the Marriott and having lunch at the pool at the Grand Hyatt, I was shocked at how out of shape the majority of the people were. Obviously, this is a different sample, but yikes people are fat. It made me feel pretty good about my shape...

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