Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Claremont Court Gate and Street Markers

We passed this historical marker during our walk around Berkeley on Sunday morning when we went to visit Drew and Carmen.

Claremont Court Gate and Street Markers
City of Berkeley Landmark

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This marker is located at the corner of Claremont Boulevard and Russell Street, California. The GPS coordinates for this location are 37° 51.548′ N, 122° 14.714′ W.

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City of Berkeley Landmark
designated in 2005

Claremont Court Gate and Street Markers
Claremont Boulevard and Russell Street
John Galen Howard, Architect

These entry gates help define one of Berkeley’s most gracious residential areas, Claremont Court, which was designed to attract the growing number of prosperous Bay Area professionals in the early 1900s. Developer Mason-McDuffie engaged Howard, the University’s supervising architect, to design the gateway.

The elegant red brick pillars heighten the formal ambiance of the area. Their moldings of ivory-colored terra-cotta, Ionic capitals, and clusters of acanthus leaves follow the Beaux-Arts aesthetic. The central pillar dividing the street was later removed to ease traffic as cars became popular. Additional entry gates stand on Avalon Avenue, Forest Avenue, and Russell Street.

Berkeley Historical Plaque

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