Friday, October 28, 2022

Brian and Sam's Wedding - Day #2

Sharon ran down and got breakfast from Starbucks. I spent the day working in the hotel room including half a dozen virtual meetings and an interview of a CISO candidate. Sharon walked to Jack's apartment. The two of them had an early lunch at Swan Oyster Depot.

In the late afternoon after finishing up my weekly status report, I wandered up to the fitness center. I was very pleased to find two Peloton bikes in the Omni's fitness center. I did a Peloton strength class, a Peloton Power Zone Endurance class and cool down class and walked on the treadmill.

Getting cleaned up, Sharon and I walked to Boulevard. We met Drew and Carmen for dinner. For starters, Carmen had HAMACHI CRUDO [preserved meyer lemon gelee, finger limes, celtuce & sicilian pistachio], Drew had AHI TUNA CARPACCIO ['scattered sushi rice' meyer lemon aioli, smoked trout roe, myoga ginger & fresh wasabi], Sharon [LITTLE GEMS & BROKAW AVOCADO basil anchoiade, deviled jidori egg, toasted parmesan & levain crisp] and I had SPANISH OCTOPUS [gigande beans brandade, grilled calamari, olive crumble & aioli].

For mains, Carman and Sharon had RACK OF LAMB [roasted fig, pistachio & mint, crispy smashed potato & tokyo turnip soubise, sheep's milk ricotta], Drew had ANGUS BEEF FILET [herbed tater tot potato, roasted broccolini, green peppercorn & bay leaf sauce, lardo & rosemary] and I had [BERKSHIRE PORK CHOP garnet yam fritters, golden cauliflower, chanterelles, quince butter & blueberries, walnut relish].

For dessert, I had MOUNTAIN ROSE APPLE CHEESECAKE [cardamom Arlette tuile, whiskey vanilla sherbet, calvados caramel], Sharon and Carmen had 'HOT CHOCOLATE' CAKE [salted caramel ice cream, almond cocoa nib brittle & dark chocolate sorbet] and Drew had BERRIES & FIGS [blueberry sorbet, coconut yogurt, golden kiwi & lime pearls]. My meal was very good, better than Thursday night at BIX.

I walked back to the hotel, while Drew gave Sharon a ride. We finished the night in Monte's Bar in the hotel. The wedding party hosted a cash bar get together. We visited with Holly, Van, Tom and Laurie. We crashed in the room about 11 pm.

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