Saturday, October 29, 2022

Brian and Sam's Wedding - Day #3

I ran down and got food from Starbucks for breakfast. Sharon's plan for the morning was exploring the new Presidio Tunnel Top Park. We walked from the Omni Hotel to Jack's apartment. From there, Sharon, Jack and I took an Uber to the Presido.

After wandering through the Presidio Visitor Center and around the Tunnel Top Park, the three of us hiked 2.4 miles around Crissy Field to the Torpedo Wharf and back. The weather was perfect. A map is here.

We grabbed lunch from a food truck and ate at the overlook in the Tunnel Top Park. Afterwards, we grabbed an Uber back to Jack's apartment. He had to get to work by 2 pm.

Sharon and I walked back to the Omni. After getting back to the hotel, I went out on a walk about looking for a couple of California Historical Markers. Wandering up Columbia towards Washington Square, I found three, including: LONG WHARF #328; JUANA BRIONES, PIONEER SETTLER OF YERBA BUENA #1024, and; ORIGINAL SITE OF THE THIRD BAPTIST CHURCH #1010.

Getting cleaned up, Sharon and I finished the day at Brian and Sam's wedding. Brian is Holly and Van's oldest. The wedding and the reception were held in the Julia Morgan ballroom. The venue was half a block from the hotel.

Sharon and I sat next to Hannah's parents--Rob and Janette--at dinner. We spent some time talking to Tom and Laurie who we met at Stacey's wedding. We wandered back to the hotel and crashed about 11 pm. I loved how close the wedding venue was to the hotel!

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