Saturday, October 15, 2022

David and Lo's Wedding

Sharon and I pulled away from the house about 12:20 pm on the way to David and Lo's wedding. Dropping Tiber at Best Friends, Waze lead us on a round-about path, including 80 to 5 to Woodland to 113 to Road 27 to 505 to Winters. We took the back road from Winters past Lake Berryessa to the Silverado Trail. From there, we headed north to Deer Park, went across to 29, through Calistoga and took the Petrified Forest Road to the Mark West Event Center. oy vey. We got there at 2:55 pm.

I had a very nice evening. Our table for dinner was Drew, Carmen, Gail, Jeff, Snipes, Joy, Sharon and I. I really enjoyed getting a chance to sit next to Drew. Hunter, Yuli, Swedberg, Deb and Annell were also at the wedding.

There were over 200 people packed into the venue. When we were in Los Angeles, Tom/asin talked about the struggle that they were having managing the guest list. I actually got a chance to sit and talk to Tom/asin more than I expected.

I had booked a hotel room in Santa Rosa. With the dinner party looming, Sharon pushed for us just to head home. We ended taking off about 8:30 pm and were home just after 10:30 pm.

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