Saturday, June 15, 2024

a hike and a wedding

After another mediocre breakfast at the hotel, Sharon and I headed to Griffith Park. We hiked the Fern Dell Nature Trail to the West Observatory Trail up to the Griffth Observatory. We spent a little time wandering the exhibits in the observatory. We hiked down the East Observatory Trail back to the car. In total, we covered 3.11 miles in an hour and forty-three minutes of moving time. It was a 610 foot elevation gain.

We had lunch at the Cara Hotel. We both had a avocado, beet and grapefruit salad. I had mine with grilled chicken breast on top, while Sharon added roasted Scottish salmon.

Crashing back at the hotel, we watched the US Open golf tournament. Holly and Van spent the morning playing the Hansen Dam Golf Course with some friends.

Eventually, we got cleaned up and dressed for the wedding. Holly, Van, Sharon and I caught a 4:45 pm shuttle from the Residence Inn to the Chevy Chase Country Club.

It was an interesting wedding ceremony. It is the first Jewish wedding that I have attended.

With an early start planned for Sunday, the four of us caught the 10 pm shuttle back to the hotel.

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