Monday, June 24, 2024

2024 Viking Homelands - Day #2 - Oslo, Norway

A Viking Representative will meet you at the airport and take care of your baggage before you transfer to the city. This evening, check in to your hotel and get settled in. You may choose to dine in the hotel restaurant or one of the city’s many fine eateries, or take a short “jet-lag-busting” stroll to the Akershus Pier—considered one of the world’s first and most successful wharf conversions—for dinner on your own.
We were on the ground in Frankfurt on time just before 11 am. We were quickly through the EC passport control.

We spent some time trying to talk to someone about our luggage. The only response that we got was go online and fill out a form. We were feeling very stressed about the luggage status...

We caught a 1:40 pm flight from Frankfurt to Oslo. They loaded everyone on busses and drove some distance to the plane. It was a short two hour uneventful flight. I actually slept a little.

A Viking representative met us after the baggage claim. They loaded eight of us into a minivan and headed to downtown Oslo. I was surprised that the airport is twenty-five miles from the downtown. I was also surprised that the terrain is low rolling hills. I had expected some more dramatic mountains.

There was a Viking desk at the hotel. We got our key directly from the Viking representative. We are spending two nights at the Clarion, The Hub.

After getting settled in the room, we had dinner at the rooftop restaurant at the hotel: Norda. We split Creamy asparagus chowder [Variation on asparagus & crutons], Risotto [Ramson, artichokes & herbs from Grow hub] and Turbot [Turnip, kale and smoked mussels sauce]. The food and the service was good. One of the other Viking couples [Diane and Lee] that we met at the airport sat down near us. We talked to them for a while.

After dinner, we wandered across the street to a mall. Sharon did some shopping for some clothes and cosmetics to get through a day or two. I have one change of clothes in my carryon. Depending on when we get the luggage, I will probably have to buy a couple of things tomorrow.


With only a little sleep over the last thirty hours, we crashed hard about 9:30 pm.

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