Friday, June 28, 2024

2024 Viking Homelands - Day #6 - Bergen, Norway

After breakfast, check out of your hotel and transfer to your ship to begin your cruise.
Nordic Walking in Bergen

Historic District and Scenic Vistas

Lace up your walking shoes and head out for a Nordic walking experience as you take in some of Bergen’s sights.

Meet your instructor and grab your poles before heading out into the city to explore. Nordic walking is an all-encompassing version of walking, suitable for all fitness levels and a great way to work out. Your guide will demonstrate the correct way to use the poles, then you will head off to explore. See some of Bergen’s historic districts as you head through Sandviken and scale the hills to view the city’s most picturesque vistas, including sweeping scenes of the fjord below. Discover some of the hidden gems and learn about the fascinating past of the city, which was once the center of the Hanseatic League’s trading empire. After your invigorating Nordic walk, you will return to your awaiting ship.
Sleeping just a little later, we packed up the room and put the suitcases in the hall before 8 am. Afterwards, we went to the buffet breakfast in the hotel.

The plan for the morning was to shop in historic Bryggen. Bryggen, also known as the Bryggen Wharf, is a collection of colorful wooden houses that line the waterfront. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered one of the best-preserved medieval trading centers in the world. Sharon bought a sweater. I got a Christmas Ornament.

Heading back to the hotel, we caught a 11:45 am shuttle to the the boat. We are spending fourteen days on the Viking Venus. The boarding process was quick and painless. We had a light lunch in the World Cafe. We both had salads.

They announced that the rooms were ready just before 2 pm. We spent some time working to get unpacked and settled in the room.

We had a late afternoon excursion. With the forecast for rain, Sharon decided to the skip it and take a nap.

I did the Nordic Walking excursion. We covered about three miles in just under two hours. The guide did a nice job talking about the history of the city. The group totalled ten people with two couples from California-Davis and San Luis Obispo-and four people from Salt Lake City. Although it rained heavily about halfway through the walk, I enjoyed it.

We finished the night at the Restaurant. I had Rustic Tuscan White Bean Soup [cannellini beans, celery, carrot, guanciale, garlic & rosemary croutons] and Grilled Mediterranean Sea Bass [lemon butter sauce; roasted mixed vegetables]. Sharon Duck Confit Leg in Phyllo Dough [shredded duck leg, mushroom; foie gras & truffle sauce] and Chicken Kiev [breaded chicken breast stuffed with garlic butter, braised cabbage & bacon; sweet corn sauce].

We crashed in the room about 9:45 pm.

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  1. Glad you guys got your bags. Hope you enjoy this cruise as much as we did!