Wednesday, June 05, 2024

Global Entry Interviews

When we came back from England and Scotland last June, we walked into a giant passport control mess in Chicago. There were thousands of people in line. Afterwards, we signed up for Global Entry, but could never find an interview time. We encountered the same mess when we landed in San Francisco on the way back from Egypt. Both times, I used the mobile passport control app to get us into a shorter line. With Tom breezing through with Global Entry both times, I was frustrated.

I finally found and made some interview appointments for a location near LAX on our California Road Trip in February. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring our passports.

Sharon finally got some interviews for us at SFO. We spent the day traveling to the airport and back. The interview itself lasted less than five minutes! We are now approved for Global Entry! We will be able to use it twice this year.

Afterwards, we had lunch at Mykonos in Burlingame. We had two Greek Spreads, including Tirokafteri [roasted bell pepper, imported spicy herbs & feta cheese]. We split Beet Salad [roasted beets, spinach, pumpkin seeds fresh orange, feta cheese and orange dressing], Keftedes [grilled lamb & beef meatballs bed of tomato sauce] and Octopus [grilled sparish octopus with lemon, oregano & olive oil].

It was about 4:45 pm by the time that we got back to Carmichael. It was almost a three hour slog home in the traffic.

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