Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Intel's Information Technology Innvation Center

Larkin and I went out to the Intel Campus in Folsom and got a guided tour of Intel's Information Technology Innovation Center. I got a chance to walk through the center once before, but this time we got someone to talk to us about the exhibits.

One of the things that they were showing was a PC driving a set of six 17" LCD monitors arranged two high and three across; the XP operating system can map all six screens into one virtual desktop. When we were in Redmond last month, Microsoft's productivity vision session included multiple monitor configurations at all of the workstations. Over the last couple weeks, I have been using a configuration at my desk that creates a virtual desktop on the screen of my tablet PC and an external LCD monitor. I find that having multiple application open at the same time on different screens and being able to glance back and forth between the two does increase my productivity.

After the tour, Larkin and I had lunch with Sherry in the Intel cafeteria.

Wednesday night, Jack had his second baseball game of the season.

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