Thursday, April 01, 2004 -- News -- Admission verdict's in for many UC hopefuls

There is an article in the Sacramento Bee titled Admission verdict's in for many UC hopefuls that outlines the growing difficulty of getting into the UC system. Drew is a freshman at UC Irvine. Morgan is a junior in high school and will be applying for colleges this fall.

Greg Chabrier called on the car phone while I was on the way to work in the morning. We talked about a couple of different subjects, including his oldest kids (Meredith and Matt) who are seniors in high school.

Meredith is on the wait list for Stanford. She got into Davis with a full Regent's scholarship. She also got in to Pomona, UCLA, UC San Diego, Cal Poly, and UC Santa Barbara.

Matt got into Davis, Santa Barbara and Irvine. At this point, his choice is Davis.

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