Sunday, April 11, 2004

Easter 2004 plus Kings cruise

Jack got up early and hunted for the eggs that the Easter Bunny left him as well as finding his Easter Basket. Afterwards, we went to an early Easter Mass.

Sharon took food to her parents. This is the first Easter since Sharon and I have been together that we have not done anything with her family. Kevin's confirmation is coming up in two weeks and the a decision was made to have a large family get together then rather than today.

As much as I keep swearing that I will not watch the Kings, Sharon, Jack and I watched the Kings versus the Lakers game in the early afternoon. It was very satisfying to watch the Kings cruise to a 102 to 85 victory over the Lakers. During breaks in the game, we were switching back to the Master golf tournament. We crossed paths with Phil Mickelson at the Pebble Beach Pro Am and were rooting for him to win the Masters.

We spent some time in the late afternoon closing out the books for the first quarter for Sharon's legal practice. Remarkably, although the hours billed to T0wer are at a much lower rate than her other customers, she has already billed more hours in 2004 than she did in all of 2003. This helps to explain why the last three and a half months have felt so hectic!

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