Sunday, April 25, 2004

Winding my way to Atlanta

Although Bibby did not look any worst for his supposed injury in practice, the Sacramento Kings team that showed up in Dallas on Saturday afternoon was the Kings team that I watched the last six weeks of the season. I was hoping that team was lost and gone, but apparently not...

I spent the day winding my way from Sacramento to Atlanta via Phoenix. When I boarded the flight in Sacramento for the short trip to Phoenix, there was a woman with a baby in the middle seat. Initially, I assumed that the guy on the window was her husband. Shortly after take-off, I realized that he was not her husband, but just some dude. Over the course of the flight, I ended up talking to her.

She was a very normal looking woman in her late thirties or early forties. The baby was an eight month boy who was great during the flight. The baby was her seventh kid. She was married for fifteen years and had six kids, ages 4 to 18, with her first husband. She got divorced and married a guy who lives in Grass Valley that she met on the internet. Yes, the internet...

Her new husband has two kids by his previous two wives, ages 8 and 16. Yes, this is his third marriage and he has three kids by three wives. Together, the two of them have nine kids. Their ex-spouses (his two ex-wives and her ex-husband) have not remarried and are very combative. According to her, all three of the ex-spouses are constantly working to poison the kids against her and her husband.

She can not get permission from the court to move to California with her six other kids and her new husband can not find a job in Phoenix. As a result, one weekend a month she flies to Sacramento and one weekend a month, he flies to Phoenix. They spent vacations and holidays together. She is in court to try to get permission to move to California.

I am constantly amazed how complicated we can make our lives.

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