Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Wrapping up at T0wer...

Since December 22, 2003, Sharon has been working at T0wer Records as in-house counsel filling in for a woman who went out on maternity leave. The woman came back to work on Monday and today is Sharon's last day. Sharon has done very well in short time that she has been there; a number of people have been extremely pleased with her work. It is possible that she will continue to do some part-time work for them in the future.

Running on the treadmill and listening to Bush's speech and the following press conference, I could not stop wondering about trying to impose Western [American?] structures and values on a millenniums old Middle Eastern culture. Although it may seem like an odd connection, I keep thinking about this article I ran across recently: Qatar trials robot substitute for child camel jockeys. Do we really understand the beliefs and value structure of their society? Can a western style democracy work?

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