Saturday, April 24, 2004

This Blog is one year's old today!

This Blog is one year's old today. The initial entry was Shopping Colleges and Kindergartens.

Early Saturday morning, Jack played in his fifth baseball game of the season. Afterwards, Jack and I went and signed him up to play in the Elk Grove youth soccer league. Sharon spent a big part of Saturday with her nephew Kevin. She is serving as his confirmation sponsor and there was a rehearsal for Sunday.

Friday morning, Sharon worked at T0wer. Although the woman Sharon filled in for while she was on maternity leave is back, T0wer is still having her work on some projects.

Friday afternoon, Sharon was one of the art docent's for the afternoon kindergarten class. The lesson revolved around artists who paints flowers, including Vincent Van Gogh's Vase with Irises [shown below], Claude Monet's Waterlillies II, Vase of Flowers by Odilon Redon, and Petit Fleurs by Pablo Picasso.

Friday night, Sharon and Janie met for drinks at the Virgin Sturgeon.

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