Monday, September 06, 2004


In early July knowing that I was facing a couple of work trips and then two and a half weeks of vacation, I started reading Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson. Weighing in at over 900 pages, I figured that it would be good for the long flights we were facing. I have not struggled as hard to finish a book in almost twenty years. While Stephenson primarily writes science fiction, this more of historical novel exploring 17th century science, politics and culture. There are parts of the books that were interesting and well paced, but these were offset by other sections that wandered on endlessly. This is actually the first volume of a trilogy; each of the pages is over 900 pages long. With so many good books to read, I can not recommend QuickSilver. The reviews for the second volume make it sound better than the first, but I afraid this is just some kind of plot to suck me into another 900 page book.

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