Wednesday, August 02, 2006

2006 Almanor Day 5

Wednesday was a slow, lazy day. With a large part of the group up until almost 2:00 a.m., most of the cabins slept late.

Eventually, I rallied Jack and we got Jill to take us out in the boat. Jack went tubing first. Jill then trashed me in the tube. Drew wandered by with one of Cal's waverunners and took Jack for a ride on the waverunner.

There was lots of horseshoe matches in the afternoon. Bachman was taunting the older kids. The older kids had some success against him winning a couple, but losing a lot.

Before dinner, the older kids--Robbie, Drew, David and Carol--took the Hunter's boat out to tube. Tomasin, Connor, Geselbracht, Bachman, Jack and I went out to watch them. After Drew tubed, they took Jack and he tubed with Drew and Carol.

After we went back in, Hunter's boat would not start was drifting about 1/2 mile from the dock. The kids got our attention and Tomasin, Jill and I went back out in the Wallen's boat to tow them back in.

Hunter made dinner (ribs and hamburgers) for the group. We finished the night playing cards on the picnic tables.

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