Saturday, August 26, 2006

Picture Day Scrimmages

Jack's soccer team played two short scrimmages after the pictures. Each game had two 10 minutes periods.

In the first game, his team won 2 to 0. Jack played fullback for one of the periods. The coach told him to support the attack on offense and he actually had two shots on goal.

His team fell behind at the beginning of the second game, but then scored five straight goals to win 5 to 1. Jack's team has one player with a very strong leg. This player missed the first game, but he scored three quick goals in the first period of the second game. Jack played forward in the second period and scored one or two goals on four shots. Although Jack claims that the second goal was his, it was difficult to tell what happened in the bedlam in front of the goal. Jack had a great pass on long break, but his teammate's shot was just wide of the goal. Jack also headed the ball twice. Unfortunately, the second header was more off his nose than this head!

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