Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Musing about Almanor 2006

Reflecting back on last week, I feel like this was an odd year at Lake Almanor. It was the first time since we started going there in 1988 that Morgan did not go; I missed Morgan. Due to work issues, Sharon ended up being there for less than 24 hours; I missed Sharon.

As a result, it was just Drew, Jack and I. Drew fit in great. There were 11 different kids 17 years or older! Drew has known most of these kids his whole life.

Unfortunately, Jack was the odd man out. With Mikey not showing up until mid-day on Thursday, all of the other kids for most of the week were more than twice his age. As result, Jack turned to me to keep him entertained.

Although I ran more, played more golf and did more work (e-mail and conference calls) this year at Almanor than I have in recent memory, I felt like I did not do as much. This was primarily due to the fact that I only skied one day, while in past years I have skied every day. Additionally, without Sharon there, we did not do a day hike.

In spite of these struggles, the trip remains important because it is an opportunity to maintain friendships that stretch back almost 30 years. I have been lamenting how little I have seen of a number of people over the last year. The trip gave me a great opportunity to reconnect with everyone, particularly the Tomasins and Wallens.

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