Tuesday, August 29, 2006


In May of 2005, I started using a web site geobloggers.com to map my Flickr photos. Over the course of 2005, I probably mapped over 100 photos. In December of 2005, the site disappearred. The person who had built the site had been hired by Yahoo. Yahoo owns Flickr. In the last couple of days, much of the functionality of the old geobloggers.com site and more has been pretty seamlessly merged into the Flickr site.

In late June 2005, Jack and I visited all of the pony express station sites between Sacramento and South Lake Tahoe, took pictures and logged the GPS locations. I can now generate a map of all these sites and the photos. Clicking on the red dots in the Flickr map brings up thumbnail pictures for each location.

I have several other set of photos that are mapped across Northern California, including our Frogpond Hike and Walk on the Wildside last year.

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