Friday, September 14, 2007

Santa Fe Plaza

Santa Fe Plaza
National Register of Historic Places #1966000491

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This historic place is bounded by Washington, East Palace and Lincoln Avenues and by San Francisco Street in the city of Santa Fe in the county of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The GPS coordinates for this location are N 35° 41.241 W 105° 56.315.

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Heart of the city of Santa Fe since 1607, the Plaza has witnessed countless historical, cultural, and social events. In the Plaza, the Pueblo Indians revolted against Spanish rule in 1680; here, too, they capitulated to General Don Diego de Vargas in 1693. Marking the end of the Santa Fe Trail from Missouri, as well as the end of the Camino Real (Royal Road) from Chihuahua, Mexico, the dirt of the central square was stirred up continuously by freight wagons and burros laden with goods. Over the centuries, the Plaza has been transformed from the utilitarian meeting place it was in early days to a tree-shaded park encircled by a white picket fence, to an expanse of lawn crowned by a crenelated gazebo, to the lively, shaded pulse of activity it is today.

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