Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Celebrating Sharon's birthday!

One of Sharon's passions is food. For breakfast on her birthday, I successfully made her a frittata from one of the South Beach Cookbooks.

For dinner, we went to Ella's. This is a new restaurant downtown by the family behind The Kitchen and Selland's Market Café. Dinner included some great oysters on the half shell, a small plate of meatballs for Jack, a Belgian endive and Lola Rossa lettuce salad, brussels sprouts, Pappardelle pasta and crispy skin duck breast.

The food and the service were great. The money quote from Sharon: "this is a WOW dinner." As we left, she was already trying to figure out how to come back with Janie before Drew's show on Friday.

We finished the night at home with some carrot cake from Ettores and presents.

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