Sunday, June 08, 2008

Alaskan Cruise Day 2 More

This is a day at sea traveling from Vancouver to Ketchikan. We had breakfast in the International Dining Room. We ended up sitting with a couple from Houston and a couple from Alabama. The couple from Alabama were Tour de France fans and we ended up talking about the tour and France. The company at breakfast made me regret a little that we are seated alone at dinner.

Afterwards, Sharon took off for the spa. She did a yoga class and a spin class.

Jack and I wandered around exploring the ship. We played nine holes of miniature golf and then he played ping pong. Afterwards, he and I played nine holes of cyber golf on a course at Baniff. I enjoyed this, while Jack struggled more than a little. I was 17 over after 9 holes, slightly better than double bogey golf which is about the best I can do.

I ran on the treadmill for an hour. The gym is in the front of the ship. With large windows, you can watch the ocean and the coastline roll by as you run.

After lunch, we put Jack into a kids program that included a ping pong tournament. Sharon sat on the back of the boat and read our books and had a drink. There are several open decks on the aft of the ship that are sheltered from the wind and in the sun. It was cool to watch the wake of the boat; at this point, we were out of sight of land. We could see a number of whales behind the boat surfacing and blowing their spouts.

After we picked Jack from the kids program, we swam in the indoor pool and sat in the jacuzzi. I enjoyed watching the ocean roll back from the jacuzzi.

We had a late dinner in the International Dining Room and then crashed back in the room.

It was very much like spending the day at a giant Las Vegas hotel, except it is floating on the ocean!

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