Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Alaskan Cruise Day 4 More

As we were getting up, the ship sailed into Juneau. Sharon and I ate breakfast on the top deck and watch the ship pull into Juneau and dock.

After breakfast, we caught a bus at the dock that took us to Auk Bay. We spent about four hours whale watching. We saw a pod of six orcas and followed them for about 30 minutes. At the beginning of the tour, the guides said that it was unlikely that we would see the killer whales. The orcas were extremely close to the boat. In fact at one point, two of them came straight at the boat and dove underneath it. The boat also followed two different humpback whales as they were moving along and feeding. There was also a group of Steller sea lions. While the humpbacks were cool, the killer whales were the highlight of the morning.

By the time we got back from the whale watching it was almost 1:00 p.m. For the first time in three days we had a meal off the ship. We had a great lunch of halibut burgers at the Twisted Fish Restaurant.

After lunch, we split up. Jack and I wandered around the town with a map of historic Juneau, while Sharon shopped. Eventually, we rejoined and all went to the St. Nicholas Orthodox Church. Built in 1894, it’s the oldest original Russian Orthodox Church in Alaska. Sharon’s brother Tom had talked about visiting the church when they did an Alaska cruise a few years ago. On the way back to the dock, we walked through the Alaska State Capitol.

Most people who know me know that I am not crazy about heights. Nevertheless, walking back to the ship, we stopped and took the Mt. Roberts Tram to the top. This tram raises about 2,000 feet above the dock and offers some great views of the city and the surrounding area.

Back on the ship, Jack spent some time in the video arcade, while Sharon and I had a drink in one of the lounges with a great view.

We finished the evening with a late dinner in the International Dining Room. It was an Italian themed dinner.

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