Thursday, December 18, 2008


I finished reading Lethe by Tricia Sullivan. I bought this book from Amazon in March of 2002 (more than six years ago!) and it has been sitting in my pile of books to read ever since. I am making a conscious attempt to clear some of the older books out of pile. I was reading novels by several other female science fiction writers about this time and can only assume that there was a pointer to this novel.

Lethe is a post apocalyptic novel set in the second half of the twenty-second century [2160's]. In this case, the worldwide disaster is a war with competing genetics corporations unleashing kill viruses. The corporations were also experimenting with genetically altering humans with a variety of results. The wide ranging plot includes collective intelligence among dolphins, mutant one-eyed humans that provide the labor force, a gateway on the fringe of the solar system to other parts of the universe, an alien planet and the integration of human brains into computer systems.

I generally prefer science fiction that focuses on technology, while this novel focuses more on biology and life sciences. It is a solid book. I enjoyed it, but it is not a book that I personally strongly recommend.

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