Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lexus RX400h Day 168

Jack and I took the Lexus RX400h in for the 10,000 mile service on Saturday morning. I am on a pace to drive 22,500 miles in the first year. I am averaging 24.9 mpg since I brought the car, down slightly from 25.1 after 3 months. The EPA rating is 24 on the highway and 26 in the city. My calculations show that I have saved roughly $750 in gas over driving the Explorer with an average gas price of $3.41 over the last six months. With gas prices now less than half of this average, the savings will obviously be a lot smaller for the foreseeable future.

I continue to be very satisfied with the vehicle. I was particularly pleased that the we were able to fit a seven foot flocked Christmas Tree inside.

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