Saturday, May 22, 2010

2010 Petersen Shootout Day 2

Larkin and I had breakfast at the hotel. Afterwards I wandered down the street and walked around the state Capitol building to find a couple of waymarks. Rod left a portfolio at the golf course the previous day and asked us to run out there and pick it up for him. We were surprised to find a dusting of snow on the course. There was enough snow that the course was closed and they were hoping to open for play by noon.

From there, we headed to the Silver Oak Golf Course. It was cold and windy, but at least there was no snow on the ground. It seemed colder than the previous day. I started the day with more layers of clothing than the previous day. Going to the driving range, I literally felt like I could not swing the club or hit the golf ball.

Larkin and I played in a foursome with Rich and Rob. In one of those small world stories, Jack actually played a year of soccer with Rich's son (RJ) in 2006. I started out horribly. After about the second hole, I took off one layer of clothing and then started to hit the ball pretty well. I had a stretch of 6 holes on the front nine where I was very pleased with how well I played. It was an interesting front nine. The holes were very spread out across the hillside. Eventually, the cold and the wind got to me. By about the fifteen hole, I was ready to be done. I started putting layers of clothes back on... Playing a shamble format (playing the best tee shot), I ended up with a 47 on the front nine and a 54 on the back tee for a total of 101.

There was a group dinner scheduled for Saturday night at Red's Old 395 Grill right across the street from the hotel. Two guys rolled in late and ended up sitting by themselves at a table near the group; they instantly became the butt of a running joke the rest of evening. Walking back to the hotel after dinner, it was snowing pretty hard.

After dinner, the group adjourned to Rod's hotel room. They had each of the people who were making the trip for the first time introduce themselves and tell a joke. I improvised one of Tomasin's little johnny stories that I could remember the punch line for. One guy then played guitar with two guys singing along and another guy playing the air trombone for probably about an hour. They were making up songs for the group's antics and doing impressions, including a Barry Gibb song straight out of a SNL skit and Sean Connery singing Jim Croce songs. I have honestly not laughed so hard in a long time.

When this was over, most of the people down to the casino and bar in the hotel. We had gotten a player's card with a $10 credit in our package when we checked into the hotel. I sat and played video poker for about half an hour in the bar, I ended up being able to cash out and walk away with about $4 of the $10 credit. Larkin, Rich and I had a long discussion trying to come up with the right adjectives to describe the crowd in the bar (it was lady's night), but ultimately failed. Larkin and I wandered back to the room and crashed relatively early.

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