Thursday, May 27, 2010

iScore for the iPad

{updated 5/31/2010 - I scored four of Jack's tournament games during the Memorial Day weekend and, except for an initial unexpected problem, was very pleased with the results. I will put together a longer review in the next two weeks.}

When Jack started playing tournament baseball almost two years ago, I started keeping my own scorebook so I would have a clear idea of what happened afterwards. I had never scored baseball games before this. About a year ago, I started keeping the book for the Laguna Cal Ripken 10U All Star team. This morphed into keeping the scorebook for the Outlaws tournament team and then Angels rec team. I also started building box scores and summary statistics from the data.

In February, someone came up to me at one of the Outlaws tournaments and asked me if there was an electronic replacement for the pencil and paper scorebook . While I had looked at two different applications on the iPhone, it just seemed too difficult on the small screen. I had a chance to try iScore on the iPad in the last two weeks and it looked like a more workable solution. I did a dry run transcribing Wednesday's Angels and Blue Jays game to get comfortable with the application and was very pleased with the results. I am planning to use it score the Outlaws tournament games this weekend.

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