Friday, May 28, 2010

Laguna Youth Baseball 11U All Star Tournament Team

Jack and I went to an organizational meeting for the Laguna Youth Baseball 11U All Star Tournament Team. The team will be playing in the pre-state tournament in the middle of June and the state tournament in early July. If the team won the state tournament, it would advance to the regional tournament in Utah in late July.

Jack was offered a spot on the team in 2008 and then played with the 2009 team. It is interesting to me how much the team has changed over the last three years; this year's team has only five players who played on the team two years ago.

2008 9U Laguna Youth    2009 10U Laguna Youth   2010 11U Laguna Youth
    Tournament Team         Tournament Team         Tournament Team

     Josh Congress           Josh Congress           Josh Congress
       Niko Dugay              Niko Dugay              Niko Dugay
    Cooper Renteria         Cooper Renteria         Cooper Renteria
     Jeremy Wackman                                  Jeremy Wackman
    Trevor Zscheile         Trevor Zscheile         Trevor Zscheile
                             Breyton Borja           Breyton Borja
                             John Heringer           John Heringer 
                             James Kitchell          James Kitchell
                             Jordan Linford          Jordan Linford
                                                      Jacob Lopez
                                                   Greyson Pulsipher
                                                      Mikael Shaw
                                                     Joseph Walker
    Cameron Johnson         Cameron Johnson
    Matthew Logoteta        Matthew Logoteta
     Patrick Stahl           Patrick Stahl
      Jason Jones
      Ian Madison
      Amaury Reed
      DeAndre Wilt
                              Louie Hosmer
                              Wesley Lopez

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