Sunday, June 05, 2011

2011 Disneyland Day 3

View from the room at the Grand Californian Hotel

Up early, Sharon and I walked into downtown Disney and got coffee at the La Brea Bakery Cafe. I was frankly astonished at the number of people pouring into Disneyland at 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning.

We decided to get another set of fast passes for Star Tours. Heading into the park, the line was already two hours long for Star Tours. After standing in a line to get the fast passes, Sharon and I rode the Matterhorn and then headed back to the room.

I was surprised to find Jack was still asleep when we got back to the room. Borrowing Tim's car, Sharon, Jack and I followed Tom, Eric and Kevin to the St. Boniface Catholic Church for Mass.

After Mass, the six of us went to breakfast at a French Canadian restaurant called Cafe Casse Croute.

Sharon, Jack and I headed into Disneyland when we got back and used the Star Tours fast passes. This time, the beginning was taking off with the Millennium Falcon, the middle was on Hoth where a battle between Rebels and Imperial AT-ATs is happening followed by an appearance by Yoda, and the ending was on Coruscant. While we saw a difference middle section than the previous day, we saw the same beginning and ending. Apparently, there are two different beginnings and three different endings.

I really enjoyed Star Tours. If there wasn't a million people trying to get on the ride, it would be cool to ride it seven or eight times in succession to see the different combinations.

Sharon was planning to spend the afternoon at the spa so she headed back to the hotel. Jack and I rode the Matterhorn, spent some time at the shooting gallery in Frontierland and then rode the Indy Jones ride.

With a large part of the group at the spa getting massages, Jack and I headed back to the room and then to the gym. While I ran a 10k on the treadmill, Jack covered 20 miles on the bike!

Afterwards, we got cleaned up for dinner. Sharon, Kevin and I had a drink in the bar. The entire group then went to a German restaurant for dinner: the Loreley Restaurant inside the Phoenix Club. I enjoyed my Phoenix Combination of grilled bratwurst, Polish sausage and Leberkäse (veal loaf) with sauerkraut, but Sharon was not crazy about her meal.

Leaving the hotel for dinner, I had an odd experience. I looked up and saw two boys walking towards me with ELk Grove Longhorns sweatshirts. It turned out to be a family that played on the Gunners and the Outlaws for a year and went to Cooperstown. Sharon and I stopped and talked to them for a few minutes.

Sharon and I crashed in the room after we got back from dinner, but Jack went back out into the park until after midnight with Tom, Eric and Kevin.

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