Thursday, June 02, 2011

Nevada Historical Marker #56

We stopped in Mesquite for lunch on the way to Zion National Park in April.

Virgin Valley
Nevada Historical Marker #56

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This marker is located at 35 West Mesquite Boulevard, Mesquite, Nevada. There are 28 other historical markers in Clark County. The GPS coordinates for this location are N 36° 48.248 W 114° 04.110.

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Nevada Historical Landmark #56

Virgin Valley was traveled by Jedediah Smith in 1826 and by Frémont in 1844.

The valley served as the right-of-way for the Old Spanish Trail (1829-1848) and for the Morman road or southern route of travel to southern California.

The areas was settled by pioneers of the Latter-Day Saints Church, who colonized Bunderville in 1877 and Mesquite in 1880.

The Virgin River provided water for the development of the valley's agricultural resources.

Nevada Historical Landmark #56
Nevada Historical Landmark #56

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