Friday, June 24, 2011

2011 NBA draft results: Draft grades - ESPN

2011 NBA draft results: Draft grades - ESPN

Round 1: Jimmer Fredette (10, obtained from Bucks)

Round 2: Tyler Honeycutt (35), Isaiah Thomas (60, obtained from Chicago via Milwaukee)

Analysis: I hated the trade the Kings made on Thursday. But I loved Sacramento's draft.

Fredette was the perfect fit on a team that needed his shooting ability. (I would say the same thing if the Kings would've stayed at No. 7 and taken Fredette.) At a minimum, Fredette will come in and be a sharpshooting sparkplug off the bench, but he could be much more. He's replacing Beno Udrih, and Fredette should eventually be an upgrade over Udrih in almost every way.

My main concern is the fact that the coaching staff reportedly isn't in love with Fredette, which could be a problem. For him to succeed, he will need a coach who believes in him.

I like the Tyler Honeycutt pick, as well. Honeycutt has a lot of untapped talent, a high basketball IQ and good passing ability, which should allow him to stick in the league.

Isaiah Thomas has value as the No. 60 pick -- he's tough, he can get to the basket and he can play the point.

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