Saturday, April 28, 2012

2012 Petersen Shootout Day 2

The cost for the weekend included buffet breakfasts for Saturday and Sunday. Larkin and I had breakfast in the hotel. Afterwards, we grabbed our stuff and headed to the bus. One of the guys on the trip works for Trailways and arranged for a bus to pick us up, take us to golf and then bring us back to the hotel after golf.

Everyone was supposed to be at the bus by 9:30 a.m. Sitting on the bus, Rod sent a text at 9:32 saying to be there at 9:45. Eventually, the group was rounded up and the bus left about 10:10...

We played Wildcreek Golf Course on Saturday. The format for the day was a Shamble where you play your ball from the best tee shot. Larkin and I were playing in a foursome with Ken and Tim. Both of them could crush the ball; they were consistently hitting the ball 260 to 280 yards. I ended up shooting a 100. Except for chipping around the greens, I felt like I played pretty well. Larkin struggled more than I think I have ever seen him struggle.

Taking the bus back to the hotel, we got cleaned up and headed to dinner. The cost for the weekend included dinner and a hosted bar on Saturday night. I had prime rib. Afterwards, the group headed to the hospitality suite for some entertainment. Several of the guys on the trip are very talented. They have fantastic ability to play parody songs making the lyrics as they go.

I ended up wandering down into the casino and playing blackjack for about three hours by myself. I was hoping to have the opportunity to play with a group, but could never make a connection with anyone else. I was probably up $50 to $100 at one point and ended up down about $25. I crashed back in the room about 2 a.m.

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