Friday, April 13, 2012

Arena deal for Sacramento falls apart

Arena deal for Sacramento falls apart - ESPN
The Kings' future in Sacramento is uncertain again.

A tentative deal for a new arena has fallen apart, leaving open the possibility the team's owners could again try to move from California's capital.

The Maloof family has balked at terms of the agreement reached last month, and though they say they want to remain in Sacramento, Johnson isn't so sure after meeting with them Friday and hearing their list of concerns he said hadn't previously been disclosed.

"It just feels like they were coming up with reasons of why not to do the deal," Johnson said.
I predicted almost a year ago that the Maloofs would lose both the Kings and the Palms within four years. I believe that they are making up reasons not to do the deal because they do not have the financial wherewithal to participate in the development of a new arena under any terms or conditions. The Maloofs are broke... What they really want is for someone to write them a big check like $50 million that they were going to get for moving the Kings to Anaheim.

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