Monday, April 23, 2012

SEAS Golf Qualifying Round

Over the last six weeks, Jack has been playing golf on Saturday mornings and Monday nights with the SEAS golf team. Typically, they have taken a group lesson with a pro on Saturday morning and played at Emerald Lakes in Elk Grove on Monday nights. He actually went and took a golf lesson before the two baseball games on Saturday.

The last couple of weeks they have been playing on Monday night to qualify to play in the weekly PAL golf match. Jack's scores have not been low enough to qualify him for match play. With Tuesday match scheduled against Holy Spirit at Valley High Country Club, Jack really wanted to make the cut. He ended up shooting 53, more than 10 strokes below his previous best, and qualified for the match. Finishing the round, Jack was pretty sure that he had shot low enough to qualify and was on cloud nine. When they announced the qualifiers and called his name, he was giddy...

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