Sunday, March 10, 2013

ESPN Films - SEC Storied - Miracle 3

I watched ESPN Films SEC Storied Miracle 3. In addition to 30 for 30 Volume 2, the 30 for 30 Shorts and Nine for IX, ESPN Films is running a series of films about the Southeastern Conference. There are about five other films in this series that I have not seen yet; I have not built an episode guide for these films.

Miracle 3 tells the story of the 2008 SEC Championship Basketball tournament. As the first quarterfinal went into overtime on Friday, March 14th, a tornado hit the Georgia Dome. It was the first tornado to hit the city since the 1880's and one of the few reported tornados to hit a major metropolitan area.

Alabama's Mykal Riley's buzzer beater shot to force the overtime probably saved thousands of lives. If Riley had not sunk the 3-point shot, thousands of fan leaving the Alabama/Mississippi State game would have literally walked right into a tornado with winds estimated at 135 MPH.

The film focuses on what happened as the storm raged outside and then the monumental task of having to finish the tournament with four games in 30 hours.

Miracle 3 is not as good as most of the other ESPN Films, but it is an interesting story. I actually got sucked in and enjoyed the film more as it progressed. I actually don't remember hearing about the story at the time it happened.

Miracle 3 is available in iTunes.

It is also available on Amazon as an Instant Video.

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