Monday, August 12, 2013

2013 Lake Almanor Day 3

Jack and I did an early morning run along the bike trail. I ran 4 miles, while Jack said that he ran about 3.5 miles. I talked in the last year about how big and strong he is getting. I couldn't even keep up with him for the first hundred yards...

Afterwards, we headed into Chester to do some shopping. Hunter and I are going to feed everyone at our place tonight. Jack and I picked up some corn and stuff to make a big salad.

Back at the cabin, Hunter, Jack and I finally headed out on the boat. Jack wakeboarded. I tried to single ski, but failed to get up after five or six attempts.

We stopped at the Dorado Inn. With a little effort, we were able to rally everyone and head to lunch at Carol's. Typically, we have trouble getting there before it closes for lunch at 2:00 pm.

Hunter and I dropped Jack and Zooey back at the cabin and then headed to Knotty Pines to meet up with Tomasin and Snipes. Parking the boat, we walked up to the Red Onion. Unfortunately, it was closed. Tomasin picked us up and we had an adult beverage at Tantardino's Pizzeria & Pasta.

Heading back to the Dorado Inn, Hunter and Snipes beat Tomasin and I in horseshoes for the second straight day! We lost 22 to 20...

Hunter and I finished the night making dinner for everyone. We fixed chuck steaks, corn and salad for a late dinner.

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