Friday, August 23, 2013

ESPN Films - Nine for IX - No Limits

Sharon and I watched No Limits. This is the fourth film in a new series from ESPN films. Called Nine for IX (as in Title IX), the series includes films about women made by women.

Bills Simmons said recently during a podcast that EPSN has done more than 75 documentaries over the last couple of years. I have seen most of these films, but I don't think I have ever seen anything quite like this story.

The film is the story of Audrey Mestre, Pipin Ferreras and the world of competitive no limits free diving. No-Limits Apnea is an extreme sport that allows the athlete to use any means to dive and return to the surface as long as a guideline is used to measure the distance. Most divers use a weighted sled to dive down and use an inflatable bag to return to the surface.

While the film relies on some interviews, the majority of the footage is of the actual people and the actual events. This makes the film particularly powerful.

This was a difficult film for me to watch. It was like watching a car crash in super slow motion...

No Limits is available on iTunes.

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