Friday, August 16, 2013

2013 Lake Almanor Day 7

After getting up and starting to pack a little, we all went down to the Dorado Inn. I got Tomasin to take Drew, Jack and I out on the boat along with Chris and Mikey. Everyone wakeboarded. Using our big camera, I took almost 300 pictures of boys and Tomasin. I posted the best three or four pictures of everybody in a Facebook photo album here.

Chris dropped us back at the dock at the Chavez Cabin. We finished packing up the house and loading up the cars. We headed down to the Dorado Inn to say goodbye to the Tomasins. The Snipes were all off hiking to the top of Lassen.

Afterwards, Drew, Jack and I headed over to the peninsula to drop off the key. By the time, we got on the road, it was about 12:10 pm. Heading down Highway 70, we caught up with Sharon at Caribou. We eventually stopped for lunch at Scotters Cafe.

From there, Drew, Jack and I made a side trip to Cherokee and Oregon House. In addition to the historical marker, Oregon House had an interesting covered bridge and restored school building. Using the GPS, we were able to wind our way into Oroville and back on Highway 70. With the lunch and waymarking stops, it took us a little more 4 1/2 hours to get home. Like I did on Wednesday, we took Highway 65 from Marysville to Roseville.

Although I know that I said the same thing last year, I swear that I am staying for the whole week at Lake Almanor next year. I am not going to run back and forth for week. [Note to self: bring mountain bike and kayak]

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