Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Christian Service Immersion Information Night

Sharon, Jack and I went to the Jesuit High School Christian Service Immersion Information Night. There were presentations on each of the twelve different service immersion trips planned for Summer of 2015. They also talked about the application process for immersion candidates.

Trips in development include:
  • Bay Area (San Jose, Menlo Park, Salinas), May 31-June 5
  • Chiapas, Mexico, dates tentative May 29-June 6
  • Guatemala (International Samaritan), June 6-14
  • Kansas City (Jerusalem Farm), May 31-June 6
  • Los Angeles (Skid Row), June 14-20
  • New Orleans (St. Bernard Project), May 31-June 6
  • Nicaragua, May 28-June 6
  • Portland (L’Arche and St. Andre Bessette Parish), June TBD
  • Sacramento Urban Immersion, May 31-June 5
  • Spokane (L’Arche and Free Rein Therapeutic Riding), June TBD
  • Spokane Indians, June TBD
  • West Virginia (Nazareth Farm), June 14-20 to be confirmed

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