Monday, October 20, 2014

Stanford College Visit

Touring Stanford University #Stanford
Sharon, Jack and I traveled down to Palo Alto on Sunday night. We stayed at Palo Alto Sheraton and had dinner at Joya (tapas and paella).

Monday morning, we had breakfast in the club level of the hotel. We drove the short distance to the visitor's center. Unlike the visit that we made to UCLA, we had signed up for a formal tour ahead of time. The day started with an hour long presentation about the school, the application process and financial aid. Afterwards, we did an hour plus walking hour of the campus.

We got a quick bite to eat and then headed to the baseball stadium. Jack had contacted the baseball coaches. One of the assistant coaches [Eric Smith] gave us a tour of the facilities and talked about the program.

We rolled towards home about 1:45 pm and were back in Carmichael at 4:15 pm. We are planning a long trip to the midwest and east to visit more colleges next summer.

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