Friday, February 03, 2017


Friday night, Sharon, her brother Tom and I went to the Palladio Luxe theaters in Folsom to see Arrival. At this point, this is my favorite theater!

This is part of our effort to see all of the Oscar nominated films. Arrival has been nominated for eight Oscars at the 89th Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Adapted Screenplay. It received Golden Globe nominations for Best Actress for Adams and Best Original Score.

The film is based on the 1998 short story Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang. It stars Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker.

Arrival is a very traditional science fiction film. When twelve mysterious spacecraft appear around the world, linguistics professor Louise Banks [Amy Adams] is tasked with interpreting the language of the aliens.

As soon as the film finished Tom said "that was awful." Once we got home, I then had explain parts of the plot to Sharon; she was very confused. Additionally, I am not a big fan of stories that deal with time in a nonlinear ways. Combining all of these things, I am having a really hard time deciding how I would rate the movie...

I do know that Arrival is not winning Best Picture. Sharon doesn't think that it will win any Oscars!?!

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