Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hell or High Water

Saturday night at Sea Ranch, Sharon, Marlene and I watched Hell or High Water. This is part of our continuing effort to see all of the Oscar nominated films.

The American Film Institute selected Hell or High Water as one of its ten Movies of the Year. It received four Oscar nominations at the 89th Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor (Jeff Bridges), Best Original Screenplay and Best Film Editing.

The film follows two brothers who carry out a series of bank robberies to save their family ranch. Although the plot takes place in West Texas, filming took place in Eastern New Mexico. The movie stars Chris Pine and Ben Foster as the two brothers and Jeff Bridges as a Texas Ranger.

I don't know if it was the system at the house we were renting, but I had a hard time understanding some of the dialogue. It seemed like the main characters were mumbling, particularly Jeff Bridges.

We have now seen eight of the nine best picture nominees. While I enjoyed the film, it is not winning best picture. Jeff Bridges is not beating Mahershala Ali [Moonlight] or Dev Patel [Lion] for Best Supporting Actor.

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