Sunday, February 19, 2017

2017 Sea Ranch Day 3

2017 Sea Ranch Day 3

Over the years, we have been very lucky with the weather at Sea Ranch. Last fall, Sharon spent weeks fretting about the weather ahead of the fall dinner party. Unfortunately, our luck ran out on Sunday. It rained steadily all day.

Phil and I drove into town early to get a couple of things for breakfast. I ended up making pecan waffles.

We spent most of the morning working on the Cinque Terre puzzle. I had bought the puzzle because I was worried that the weather might turn nasty.

In the middle of the day, Phil went out for a bike ride in the rain, while Sharon and I ran along the bluffs north from the house. I ended up running a little more than 6 miles in the steady rain. I ran north to the houses that we stayed in last fall. On my way back, I stopped very briefly and talked to my sister who was staying at a house down the street. Although we invited them over later in the day, we never connected during the weekend.

We had a late dinner at the Black Point Grill at the Sea Ranch Lodge. Sharon and I both a great special of sea bass caught locally in Point Arena.

Phil, Sharon and I stayed up pretty late working on the puzzle.

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