Saturday, February 18, 2017

2017 Sea Ranch Day 2


Our original plan for the weekend was to plan on golf on Sunday. With the weather looking iffy for Sunday, we decided to play on Saturday. After breakfast, Marlene, Sharon and I drove down to the Sea Ranch Links Golf Course to make sure that they were open. We couldn't raise them on the phone; it turned out that their phones were out.

We headed back to the course about 10:15 am. After hitting a few range balls, we headed out on the course about 11 am. Recovering from knee surgery, Phil rode, but didn't play. It was not a good day. Although I started out solidly, my game quickly went to hell. It is probably the worst that I feel like I have played in ten years.

Although it wasn't raining, the course was a wet sloppy mess. We were frankly surprised that they let us on the course at all. The conditions didn't help my game...

Sharon stopped playing after about 13 holes. It was just too wet and muddy. Marlene and I soldiered on and finished out the day. It took us about five hours.

After golf, we headed into town to the store. We got some steaks and potatoes to barbecue for dinner.

After dinner, we worked on the Cinque Terre puzzle for a while and then watched Hell or High Water. This is one of the nine movies nominated for the 2017 Best Picture Oscar. Sharon and I have now seen eight of the nine best picture nominees.

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  1. What a shame the course was not at its best. It's actually for sale now. Hopefully it will find a good owner to help lift it up. You were certainly a trooper to slog it out...literally