Saturday, February 24, 2018

2018 - Big Island - Hawaii - Day 7

2018 - Big Island - Hawaii - Day 7

After a light breakfast with Sharon at the condo, I took off with the Wallens to pick up some wine and champagne for the wedding. We drove up into the Holuakoa Village near where Sharon and I had dinner on Wednesday to the house of an artist that they have met on the island. Sharon and I need to visit her gallery! We then headed to the wedding venue and loaded everything upstairs. Originally, the band was supposed to meet us at the same time, but they called and said that they wouldn't show up until noon.

I headed up sitting and visiting with Tomasin and the Wallens while they had breakfast. When Jill left, Wallen, Tomasin and I spent some time solving world peace. Eventually, I wandered back to the condo.

Sharon and I met the Tomasins and the Geselbrachts at Huggo's on the Rocks for lunch. Sharon and I both had the Furikake Crusted Fresh Catch [Hebi] as a sandwich.

After lunch, Sharon and I headed back to the condo to get cleaned up for the wedding. With the weather threatening, Sharon and I picked up Julie and Barb at the Royal Kona and drove to the Daylight Mind. There had been a running debate all day long about whether to set up the ceremony and the dinner inside or outside. Wallen made the call to set up outside. Although it spit a little just before the ceremony, the evening turned up to be dry!

It was a very nice ceremony, dinner, evening and venue. Sharon and I sat at table with a group of the Davis mafia, including Hunters, Chabriers, Geselbrachts and Tomasins. The band was LT Smooth. We had a great time dancing and enjoying the music.

A group finished the night with a nightcap at Don's Mai Tai Bar at the Royal Kona.

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