Tuesday, February 13, 2018

To Burbank and back

I caught an 8:40 am Southwest flight from Sacramento to Burbank. Boarding with A29, I got a very nice exit row. Only half full, the plane took off early and landed more than 10 minutes early in Burbank.

Picking up a Hertz rental car, I drove to the Simi Valley Hospital for a lunch meeting. Afterwards, I headed to the Glendale Medical Center for a couple more meetings. The traffic was light.

Heading back to Burbank, I caught a 5:50 pm Southwest flight back to Sacramento. Boarding with A39, I loaded from the back of the plane and got another less desirable exit row. I was back in Sacramento about 6:50 pm and home having dinner with Sharon by 7:30 pm.

It was an easy day trip. It is kind of amazing that you can cover that much ground in just over 12 hours...

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