Saturday, February 09, 2019

Can You Ever Forgive Me?

With the 91st Academy Awards scheduled for February 24, Sharon and I are working our way through the last few major nominated movies that we haven't seen. Saturday night, Sharon, and I watched Can You Ever Forgive Me? on the AppleTV. The movie is based on Lee Israel's 2008 memoir of the same name.

The moves stars Melissa McCarthy as Lee Israel. It also features Richard E. Grant as Jack Hock, Jane Curtin, Anna Deavere Smith, and Ben Falcone in supporting roles. McCarthy and Grant earned respective Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor nominations at the 91st Academy Awards, the 76th Golden Globe Awards and 72nd British Academy Film Awards.

The movies follows Lee Israel as she tries to revitalize her failing writing career by forging letters from deceased authors and playwrights. In real life, it is estimated that she foraged more than 400 letters. The film's title was taken from an apologetic line in a letter forged by Israel posing as Dorothy Parker.

Although slow in spots, Can Your Ever Forgive Me? is an enjoyable film. McCarthy and Grant's performances are very good. In particular, McCarthy really inhabits the role. Nevertheless, I think that Glenn Close is going to win the Oscar for Best Actress...

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